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 1. PORGY AND BESS (1935)  ARL3 2109  (inscribed, "Ed, Peace and Love, Larry Marshall") Sportin' Life: Larry Marshall  
 2. ELEPHANT STEPS (1968-  M2X 33044  Autographs: (inscribed, "To Ed, Peace and Love All Ways Always, Larry Marshall") Notes: studio recording Bonus: References: Coupling: Also issued as: About the performers Conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas Orchestra: Multi-media w/Orchestra, Rock Band, Electronic Tape, Raga Group, Tape Recorder, Gypsy Ensemble and Elephants Chorus: CAST: Role Performer Scrubwoman: Karen Altman Hannah: Susan Belling Max: Luther Enstad Doctor: Roland Gagnon Otto: Larry Marshall Rock Singer: Luther Rix Ragtime Lady: Marilyn Sokol Hartman: Philip Steele Archangel: Michael Tilson Thomas Chorus: Patti Austin, Jane Gunter, Dianne Higginbotham, Jane Magruder, Patricia Price, Albertine Robinson, Maeretha Stewart, Rose Taylor Note: roles not included in the above cast are not listed on this specific recording.  

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